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CWB Gallery

Sticks N Stones New Mexico

Ann's work

Ann Bending is an accomplished jewelry designer. She got into the craft as a general hobby making items for friends and family. Her styles became very popular in Albuquerque and Magdalena.

In adition to her necklaces and earrings, she does fetish rock paintings and walking stick/cane designs from local natural woods.

Tel:   575-854-3394


Shirley Lamar

Lamar collage

Shirley Lamar shows her fine crafts at the Magdalena Art Festivals. She makes original "Meeples" sculptures and uses locally found gourds for ornaments. She also sculpts colorful little cottages.

Tel:  575-864-3550


Bear Mountain Gallery

Bear Mtn Gallery

Featuring local artisians jewelry, paintings, crafts and much more


Tel: 575-854-3310


Mary Rose Pino

Pino collage

Mary Rose is a Santero who does wood carvings (bultos) of contemporary folk art from local woods.

Tel: 575-854-2705

PO Box 801
Magdalena, NM 87825


Warren Smart

Smart in front of his painting

Warren recently moved to the Magdalena area from Albuquerque where he is building a home and studio at Piñon Springs. He loves to paint unusual and very large landscapes in water color. He takes his work to juried shows and also shows it outdoors in a clever exhibit mounted on the sides of his truck.


Blue Canyon Gallery

Blue Canyon collage

Blue Canyon Gallery features pottery made from native clay, paintings and drawings of southwestern landscapes, affordable prints, copper enamel and stone-work jewelry, and art supplies.

Hwy 60, HC 64 Box 13
Magdalena, NM 87825

Toll free number: 888-854 8337
Email: bluecanyon@gilanet.com
Visit the Blue Canyon Gallery web site.

Warehouse 1-10

110 N Main St
Magdalena, NM 87825

CWB Gallery

Contact: Cheryl Hastings
P.O. Box 207
Datil, NM 87821
715-928-0123 or 575-772-5349
Web Site

Cheryl Walsh Bellville Photography

Contact: Cheryl Hastings
P.O. Box 207
Datil, NM 87821
715-928-0123 or 575-772-5349
Web Site

Welton O'Neill Studios

ZW Blacksmithing & Metal Art

Contact: ZW Farnsworth
908 First St. (US60)
Magdalena, NM 87825